Whether it’s an investment property, office space or a development property, we are here to help you procure the necessary funding to realize your real estate investment goals.


Finance for Business delivers on commercial property finance, we bring a strong understanding and a specialized expertise to give you the financial products you need to grow your business.

Finance for Business has years of experience when it comes to analysing the most suitable commercial property finance structures.

We are able to secure:

  • Specialized lenders—so we reduce reliance on traditional finance providers
  • The most competitive rates, expert analysis and long term relationships
  • Choice of a range of solutions—not just one
  • Investment Loans
  • Owner Occupier Loans
  • Multiple Asset Class including Retail, Office, Industrial, Commercial, Showroom, Medical, Self -Storage and a wide range of specialised assets
  • Loan Amounts up to 75% or 80% of Property Value
  • Recourse and Non Recourse
  • Full Doc and Lo Doc

The value that our clients get from our commercial property finance service is measured by the outcomes that we deliver.


The success of construction projects depends largely on securing the most optimal lending partners and loan terms to suit the client’s specific development. Regardless of how simple or complex a client’s construction finance needs are, we approach every project with rigorous analysis to deliver successful results.

Time and time again, we have helped clients to achieve their desired outcomes in construction projects of varying levels of complexity by identifying the most competitive solution across a full suite of lenders.

Our Construction Finance solutions include:

  • Land or site acquisition finance
  • Owner-builder scenarios
  • Residual Stock Loan Facilities with extended selling periods and the ability to release equity
  • Pre-sales flexibility – nil or full coverage
  • Loans ranging from 80%-95% of the total development cost
  • Full Doc & Lo Doc Funding Options

Our extensive knowledge of complex lending requirements and industry standards when it comes to implementing financial solutions allows us to present our clients with clear and simple construction loan programs that are easy to understand.


Our clients have confidently relied on us to present and explain the most suitable finance options for their particular situation, and we have built a reputation for achieving the most beneficial outcomes for our clients’ specific projects.

Mezzanine financiers may offer advantageous lending arrangements to help optimise a client’s project strategy by minimising the required amount of equity to commence a project, or conversely by pulling equity out of a project under construction. Our track record of professionalism demonstrated in numerous projects has helped us earn the trust of some of the industry’s best mezzanine financiers and, above all, the satisfaction of our clients.

All of our customers can rely on our impartial, honest advice and analysis in an effort to establish if this finance option is suitable to achieving the best outcome for their particular project. Mezzanine Financing can be used as part of a well-crafted strategy to secure the maximum value of your project by maintaining your equity through to the right exit time. Whether you have previously sourced mezzanine finance, or are still unfamiliar with this option, you can rely on us to deliver valuable knowledge to help you gain the most benefit when financing property or construction.


We use advanced capabilities in complex property finance transactions to deliver home loan solutions with unmatched expertise and results. Our long-term relationships with a portfolio of home loan lenders enable us to secure the most competitive products according to each client’s needs and situation.

That means we can access an array of lending options to achieve unmatched results for each client’s particular needs.

Our Home Loan expertise covers:

  • Line of Credit
  • Loan Amounts up to 95% of Property Value
  • Lo Doc or Non-conforming Credit
  • Property Investment Loans
  • Property Acquisition
  • Refinance
  • First Home Buyers
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Discounted Variable & Fixed Rate Loans

All of our home loan clients can expect to receive personal service, valuable insights, and to feel confident about their finance decision.


A bridging loan, also known as interim financing is a temporary short term funding option, which allows your business to receive funding before a permanent solution is found. It is often difficult to precisely match up the dates between the sale of an old asset and the purchase of a new one. The bridging loan provides you access to cash during this period to fund the purchase before your old asset is sold.

Once the old asset has been disposed of, the capital then raised from the sale can be used to pay off the bridging finance approval. In particular, bridging finance is most commonly utilised by purchasers of real estate assets, as in the real world, many of us find the perfect new home before we are able to “offload” our existing one.


A caveat loan is a short term financing option for business owners who own a real estate property. This type of loan can be securitised by either a clean title or an existing mortgage, ensuring flexibility and suitability to our clients. As a business owner, there may be times where you are looking to obtain some urgent funds for your business, such as renovations, business improvements, or to pay your suppliers. There are no limits to the uses of this loan product, provided majority of the funds are used for business purposes.

The process begins with the lender registering an interest on an asset, this is a fast and simple way of providing the lender with security. Even if the asset has an existing mortgage or pre-registered interest, it still may be eligible.


A second mortgage is an additional security interest taken out against your current property, on top of your first mortgage. This form of funding is very common among individual business owners, as it allows them to gain quick access to cash, in order to carry on some much needed additions to the operations of their business.

Our second mortgage loans feature:

  • From $15,000 to $500,000
  • 1 to 36 months loan term (including term extension)
  • Quick loan application process (can be settled within one day)
  • Flexible repayment schedule tailored to your needs
  • Up to 75% LVR
  • Interest rate from 2% per month
  • All Australian Locations

We have helped many people grow their businesses throughout the years with our second mortgage lending, along with our simple application process and fast turnaround time, this is a great option suited for business owners looking to gain quick access to some much needed cash.


Operating Leases are relatively flexible and can often be used to fund a number of different assets. Payments towards this type of finance can sometimes be considered as operating costs and therefore will not appear as a liability on your balance sheet.


Recognised as one of the leaders in the business lending industry, we specialise in providing flexible short term funding to Australian business owners. We have funded countless business owners, and have consequently helped them build their businesses into successes.

Our business short term loans offer business owners like you many advantages, with a quick and easy application process. Offering you a decision within minutes, our loans provide you with flexible repayment options tailored to your business’s cash flow.

Regardless of the size of your business, with a short term loan, you can be assured you are dealing with one of the fastest growing companies in the business lending sector, with a highly professional team who understand the needs of our customers.