At Finance for Business, we’re passionate about delivering responsive finance to Australian SME businesses. We develop strategic, effective funding strategies that enable you to respond and thrive in today’s rapidly shifting world.

Too many small businesses are starved for cash

Their owners spend lots of time losing sleep:

  • worrying about getting paid in time to pick up the wages bill for the week
  • worrying about how to pay suppliers
  • worrying about what they’re going to do if a big customer defaults.

They’re not just temporarily short of cash because they’re bad managers – they simply don’t have enough Working Capital in their business to operate it smoothly. The result is that they can get stuck in an ongoing, super-stressful Cash Trap.

Financial stress is probably the worst business stress – because it will amplify any other situation you might be dealing with.

When you’re free of the financial stress, some problems just disappear completely – and the others get much more manageable.

Martin Cattach is the founder of Finance for Business

In 2015 Martin founded FINANCE FOR BUSINESS to deliver responsive business finance that gets SMEs out of the Cash Trap.

Martin’s business superpower is the ability to ask the right questions and connect the dots.

You get the solutions you need because he can rapidly uncover the unspoken, unrecognised issues stifling your business.

Your business can be liberated from its working capital straight jacket because he can see beyond the surface symptoms to root causes – and has the finance expertise to find the right products for your business.

We help you get your business out of the Cash Trap

The trauma and stress of a struggling business can almost be like someone in the family getting cancer – because it’s all-consuming. The wear and tear and stress is huge and it is endless.

Our Working Capital Strategists will help you develop a responsive financial management strategy AND access the right funding to act on that strategy.

They will help you navigate the Cash Gap and escape the Cash Trap.

That takes all that pressure off your shoulders. You’ll be able to smile again, and spend more time with your family (or on the golf course).

At Finance for Business, we help your business access the Working Capital you need to operate without endless financial stress.

You shouldn’t need to mortgage your family’s future to run your business

Every business needs working capital to operate – but too many small businesses are hamstrung by traditional, inflexible business loans from big banks who demand personal assets as collateral.

Today there is a whole smorgasbord of smarter, more responsive business finance solutions that can free your business from the straitjacket of its Cash Flow.

It’s our belief that with the right Responsive Finance strategy, you can deliver better business results without risking your family’s financial future.

We are a small business working with small businesses

Like most small businesses, we’re in business to make something happen on our terms, not just to make money.

Our founder Martin Cattach started in small business at 14 – working in his family’s hospitality business.

We actually believe that small business is the engine room of the Australian economy – and we want to free small businesses from their cash flow straightjackets, so they can do their best work.

That’s why our Working Capital Strategists are small business experts – not just finance experts. They understand the challenges and the rewards of running a small business.

Unlike traditional banks, our experts also understand the full range of financial products available today. So they can build responsive finance solutions that enable your business to respond to our rapidly shifting world.

Could your business be stuck in a Cash Trap?

Download our guide to find out – it describes how the Cash Trap operates and 9 Strategies for reducing its impact on your business.

And if you’ve done the basics outlined in the guide and you’re still operating in a financial straightjacket, then give us a call.