At Finance for Business,we work with SME Business Owners to develop Responsive Finance Solutions that help you achieve the goals you have for your business – while protecting your family’s financial future.

Our Working Capital Strategists work with you to build a strategy and implementation process that:

  • Increases your Cash flow and Liquidity
  • Builds your Working Capital resources
  • Frees your business from the straitjacket of old-fashioned, inflexible bank business loans
  • Protects your family’s future by helping you borrow against your business, not against the family home.

We don’t just source finance products, we build Responsive Finance Strategies

Within a business there are two main levers you’ve got – people owing you money and the money that you owe to other people. We help you make those levers work for you, responding to your needs and your business environment.

We work with you to examine your business processes and define your business needs. So you get advice to make your business better and the right finance products to fund your operations.

We take away the stress and hassle of financing your business, so you can thrive despite constant market shifts and challenges.

We have the business expertise to develop strategies, plus access to a wide range of product solutions. We work with you throughout the entire process, from finding the right product to approval and settlement.

We deliver to your business a package tailored specifically for the needs of your business. Not one that meets the needs of your bank.

We’re your partner for the life of your business

Business finance packages aren’t a one-time sale. The world of business and the world of finance change far too much.

What you need today and what you need next depends on a whole lot of factors.

We generally meet with our clients at least every six months – and sometimes every three months. It depends on what the growth cycle of their business is like.

We have many clients we’ve help update their finance – because their business is growing, their needs are changing or new finance options have entered the market.

We deliver responsive finance solutions that help you escape the Cash Trap

Traditionally, most small businesses have operated in a Cash Trap – they’re trapped in the gap between when they spend money on products and service and when they get paid for what they deliver.

That might have been OK when the world was relatively stable and predictable – but it’s not sufficient to thrive through today’s ongoing business disruptions.

Some excellent, flexible financial products have developed to meet those needs – but not all SMEs know 1) what’s available or 2) what will REALLY work for them.

So they stay with their big bank, up the limit on their credit cards, use their family’s assets for collateral, or go for an “easy online application” that locks them into super-expensive interest rates.

How we work

FIRST we understand your business – with an in-depth analysis and discussion of your business goals, challenges, dreams and needs.

THEN we tailor a responsive finance solution to your business – a smart, flexible finance solution that will enable your business to respond to your market.

YOU confirm that suit your needs – options that ensure you get the right finance to grow your business and your prosperity.

WE help you make your strategy happen, minimising the admin you need to do.

WE stay in touch with regular reviews, so that you can respond proactively to the changing feast the world calls business.


The right cash flow finance is a necessary cost of doing business – its return is in:

  1. The opportunities it opens up
  2. The stress it reduces
  3. Improved decision making with less stress.

In the majority of cases, there’s no cost to you for developing and implementing your responsive finance solution.

There’s usually not a lot of time and hassle either – we organise the finance changeover while you get on with your business. You’re assisted through necessary paperwork by our experts.

You may even end up paying less in interest – especially if:

  • you’ve been financing your business on credit cards
  • your existing loan payments were fixed, regardless of the Working Capital amount you’re actually using.

It’s in our interest to act in your best interest – because that makes for happy customers who grow their businesses and refer their friends and colleagues.

We regularly return and assist existing customers to gain more and better finance as their businesses grow.

Could your business be stuck in a Cash Trap?

Download our guide to find out – it describes how the Cash Trap operates and 9 Strategies for reducing its impact on your business.

And if you’ve done the basics outlined in the guide and you’re still operating in a financial straightjacket, then give us a call.

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